Bardejov vs michalovce online dating

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) and a date of birth of the person you want to find out about.

If you know when exactly he/she got married, that helps too.

You have a few big registers and archives in Slovakia: parish registers, obituaries, birth record registers or the national Slovak archives, which are situated in bigger cities like Bratislava the capital, Banská Bystrica, Bytča, Nitra, Košice, Levoča and Prešov.

It is also good to know where were your relatives born in Slovakia so that way it is much easier to find out which register department they are more likely to be found in. In case that you are searching for an aristocratic member you can reach up to the 13th century the rest can be around year 1700.

It was recommended that you complete the applications in capital letters or by typewriter and indicate all important information to start the research (name of the person searched, date and place of birth).

Bardejov vs michalovce online dating

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