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A little further to the east and a walk through part of Johnson field (TQ701863) proved to be an ideal location for a Small Copper, here fairly sheltered by some dense woodland (4 photos attached).

Graham Bailey (TQ874871) Holly blue yesterday flying around ivy blossom along part of the Prittlewell Brook during a brief sunny interlude.

Seen at about 13.30 and no other butterflies noted unfortunately.

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Saturday 29th October An afternoon ramble around several areas of the Langdon Hills on a mostly breezy and fairly cloudy day, but with some occasional hazy sunshine.

No butterflies seen in Willow Park, but walking down the bridleway that runs the length of the western end of (TQ582907) Sunny with a moderate SE breeze.

At 2.30pm 2 Red Admirals nectaring on ivy flowers at the sheltered southern end of Dark Lane.

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