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The 20-year-old female was by her keyboard making some very danceable beats. But as she was playing on her keyboard and dancing around like her usual self, she failed to realized that her door was open and a large male figure stepped inside.It was her childhood friend and boyfriend Goby Brantley.

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Both the females square off, both of them determine to be his. This story has been delayed for so many long, but now it is finally here.

When Goby and Deema are having trust problems in their relationship, Goby's friend Natalie soon gets in the mix after allegedly saying she would make a better girlfriend for Goby, putting him in a love triangle. Love Triangle: A Matter of Trust My new Rated M fan fiction story.

The title of this story really tells it all, but I better explain it to you guys a little more.

Goby and Deema have known each other for a long time and have a strong relationship.

But just as things are going swell for the couple, Goby's personal best friend Natalie gets involve in their relationship.

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