Eve d souza dating sites

by  |  23-Nov-2015 22:11

It does, however, provide interesting context about a company many think to be immoral.

This anonymous person had a very positive experience at the company.

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"There used to be many sites dedicated to bringing us down," the poster wrote.

Many of them, she said, were jilted lovers — predominately women.

"Groups of women would band together and 'help' women catch their husbands on the site," she wrote. "We’d receive death threats constantly," said the poster.

According to her, they generally came from two types of people: "Wives who caught their husbands using the site OR just random religious crazies." As for the actual hack, this former employee offered little information about what did or did not happen.

One thing she did say, however, is that the "full delete" service — which the hackers claim doesn’t work as advertised — actually does work.

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