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When she was 13 she became a member of vocal and instrumental group "Neposedi" (Naughty Children) where she met Yulia Volkova with whom she became friends. On 30 September 2012, Katina's collaboration with rapper T-Killah, "SHOT", was released on Love Radio.At the casting, she sang a song in French and the jury were astonished by the quality of her voice. In April 2013, the Russian version "Ya Budu Ryadom" was released. On 2 September 2014, Katina announced via Facebook that her debut studio album, This Is Who I Am, would be released on 18 November 2014, preceded by her new single Who I Am' on 7 October and "Fed Up" as a countdown single on 15 September.

On 3 February, Katina was scheduled to give her first performance of 2011 at the XLV Party in Dallas, Texas' Cotton Bowl, with The Village People, Cazwell, Lady Bunny, DJ Hector Fonseca and DJ Enferno. T.u.'s other half, Yulia Volkova, and the band, as well as actress Mischa Barton.

The group celebrated their 12 years together, and released two remix albums entitled Waste Management Remixes pt. Julia is Julia." The rest of her comments were lost due to technical issues on the live chat.

On 13 December during a live chat, Katina was asked what she thinks of Volkova's new video "All Because Of You" to which she replied "I think it [all because of you] is very Julia.

In 2014, Katina made a series of performances with her former bandmate Julia Volkova as t. Volkova denied the accusations, however, the single "Lyubov v Kazhdom Mgnovenii" -"Love in every moment"- was released as a collaboration of them both, but not listed as a t. On 17 March 2014, Katina released her first live album "European Fan Weekend 2013 Live", recorded in 5 and show of 6 October 2013 on Cologne. She is also a skilled pianist and also enjoys reading, especially romance novels.

A.t.u which ended on a TV performance in the Olympic Games in Russia, however shortly after Katina accused Julia of blackmailing her putting an end on t. Katina stated in a 2006 Tele Hit interview that she used to listen to artists such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Pink Floyd when she was younger.

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