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This is a bit of a diversion from the blog this week, in honor of my vacation to Koh Samui that I’m currently enjoying. You’re unlikely to find me outstretched, sunburnt lobster, with a pina colada and the latest chick lit that I picked up for at the aiport.

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Just as the title denotes, this is a chronological history of the city of Jerusalem, from its earliest history founded under King David to the iconic religious epicentre it is today.

Montefiore draws on ancient texts, modern scholarship and even his own family history to piece together the jigsaw of Jerusalem.

Reading it helped greatly in my understanding of how the ancient past has influenced the present and will go on to shape the future in the Middle East, and really lit a fire in me to find out more about the incredibly complex relationship between Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

It’s worth saying that while I identify as an atheist — despite a brief and inevitably doomed flirtation with Christianity in my early 20s — I’ve always held an appreciation for religious history and culture, whatever side of the cloth that happens to be cut from.

I had a metric ton of clients all across the world on different time zones and enough deadlines that my Google Calendar looked as though it was on crack.

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