Kirti vashee asia online dating

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Whilst post-editing they find themselves fighting the urge to completely rewrite sentences so that the style of language corresponds to their own preferences, even in cases where only minor adjustments would be needed to produce a perfectly adequate sentence.

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Kirti vashee asia online dating

In my opinion, such an approach can only serve to thoroughly alienate translators and is ultimately detrimental to the objective of successful MT implementation.

When we started our own processes several years ago of introducing MT into our service spectrum, we were (and still are) heavily dependent on the guidance of our translators in establishing the parameters under which MT could help to increase translator throughput.

And perhaps even more importantly, our translators help us to recognize the scenarios where MT does not really add much, if any, value to the translation process.

As a result, our own approach is much more focused on those scenarios where we are confident that MT makes sense, and we are consequently handling ever-increasing volumes of localization work from our clients with post-editing workflows.

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Kirti vashee asia online dating

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