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Using their questionably named ‘virgin energy’, they defended Japan from attacks by the Russians, staving off utter destruction for the small island nation.

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The first series follows new recruit Yoshika Miyafuji as she joins the 501st Joint Fighter Wing.

Talented in healing magic, Yoshika and her new friends Mio and Lynette defend Brittania from a wave of Neuroi assaults.

The series-long arc is loosely based on the Battle of Britain, with the Neuroi taking the place of the German Luftwaffe, and slice of life tales of the team’s young women peppered in between the action.

However, while Yoshika fills the role of earnest heroine in , Japan’s part in the real conflict was not a noble one.

Outlandish fictional reimaginings of the WW2 period are par for the course in anime.

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