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Sackboy returns as a little less floaty, and includes a cool grappling hook.Little Big Planet 2 still has crazy gadgetry, including the Cakeinator, a miner’s helmet that can fire any object or material from the lamp affixed to the top of it.

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includes enough new tools, tweaks, and visual enhancements to wow and delight seasoned vets and newcomers alike for a long, long time. When a powerful cosmic vacuum cleaner known as the Negativatron threatens the very existence of Craftworld, it is up to Sackboy to, of course, save the day.

To do so, he must enlist the help of some of Craftworld’s most colorful characters, each of whom has his/her own planet that Sackboy must traverse in order to rally their creators and lead them on an epic, world-saving adventure.

It’s a fair setup, but I was expecting a more cohesive story this time around, especially given the new creation tools, however, similar to , the campaign just ends up feeling like a lengthy series of tutorial levels.

Still, Media Molecule demonstrates an unparalleled adeptness for creating wondrous and intricately detailed settings that consistently surprise, amuse, and fascinate in every conceivable way from start to finish, which makes it easier to forgive the game’s disjointed narrative structure.

would launch on November 18 for both Play Station 3 and Play Station 4 in North America. You can now stitch levels together, so your level’s, basically, are as big as your hard drive on your PS4.

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