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I rather enjoyed all the performances, so had a bit of a read up on the cast and, of the five members, one had recently starred in a BBC drama. Sounds more like an insult to me, but anyway, she's a talent.She had really good chemistry with O'Connell too, as her quiet persona would boil over into emotion just as O'Connell's gobby ladding would simmer down into sensitivity and they would meet in the middle somewhere.

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Also, the film was much more his to carry, without the overwhelming presence of Stephen Graham in support.

On the basis of talent, I have to include him, as he has such a great onscreen warmth and honesty and looks so relaxed in front of the camera. I hope so, but you have to wonder if there are enough leading roles out there for him.

I suspect as he gets older he will become one of those solid British character actors who appear in Northern dramas like actually quite affecting, so, hopefully, there will be more roles heading in his direction in the near future.

I can't exactly see him in Hollywood, but what's wrong with good old fashioned gritty British melodrama? (He was in the second generation, but he was getting up to no good with Hoult's onscreen little sister, so that must count for something.) His function in these roles was to be a bit shouty and then punch people. In they tried to tack on a 'he's only like this cos no one loves him' line in a couple of episodes, but his character was too firmly established as a wanker by this point for it to be remotely affecting or credible.

It looked to me like he had a long career ahead of him playing shouty men who punched people (I already had him penciled in to play Clamps in any live action quite closely (and we're talking the director's cut without the voiceover).

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