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by  |  16-Jun-2016 06:41

This blog post elicited a fair amount of heat, and it covered a topic I dealt with recently in my free newsletter: the value of chasing white hot chemistry with a person whose looks are a “10”. Smart, successful women will struggle to find equal partners.

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If I am to observe that a disproportionate number of “10’s” are: shallow, narcissistic, selfish, demanding, difficult, more likely to flirt, less likely to commit, and somewhat disconnected from the ‘average’ person’s reality, you might say, “Maybe…but I know this one girl who is gorgeous and sweet”. It still doesn’t change that most 10’s are problematic partners.

So when I write “Stop chasing 10’s, marry the 7’s,” and my good friend Lance writes this reply: Most hot girls are crazy, that’s for sure, but I wouldn’t advise anyone to date a 7.

I say go for the 10 that’s awesome on the inside, too.

They’re out there, you just have to look around and be the man that’s worthy enough to get with that gal.

Yet women who are 10’s have, literally, EVERY single man they meet hitting on them. He’s probably going to be a player – that’s what happens when you have the ability to pick and choose your dates at will. Kindness, warmth, intelligence, wit, consistency, effort, generosity.

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