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£19.99 Kati and Steffi are best friends since childhood.But as they step into adulthood, both their perfect friendship and their personalities get harshly tested by a series of unfortunate events.CITY OF WAR - THE STORY OF JOHN RABE (15) GERMANY 2009 GALLENBERGER, FLORIAN IN ENGLISH £15.99 A World War Two drama based on real events, in which Ulrich Tukur stars as John Rabe, a German businessman and (15) 2006 GERMANY SUSO RICHTER, ROLAND IN ENGLISH £19.99 Large budget made-for-television film about controversial firebombing of the city by the allies in 1945, in which over 30,000 people were killed.(15) 1991 GERMANY RASPER, INGO £17.99 Two male business rivals fall in love with each other. £19.99 Kati and Steffi are best friends since childhood.

Germany 1958: Young public prosecutor Johann Radmann finds himself on the case of Nazi war criminal Charles Schulz, but has no idea what really happened in Auschwitz.

However he is shocked to find out that many of these death camp workers have returned to their normal lives and now populate the senior ranks of government.

Teacher Antek Liebmann leaves his past life behind by moving from Germany to a cottage in the French countryside.

Here in this rural community he becomes infatuated with Sébastian.

However it is not long before Liebmanns past catches up with him.

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