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Download Die Hard Buy Die Hard In an effort to promote his unpublished novel, Davy Mitchell sets out on a road trip with his younger brother.

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They will not be able to see ANY of your online activity. Obviously not every show is going to be fall on the floor bust a gut hysterically funny but even a chuckle or two each week is worth a one time view. Most of their skits and mini mocumentaries have little or no relationship with the rest of US culture. Used to love this show and wouldn't miss an episode but lately I'll only watch it unless I have absolutely nothing better to do.

Protect Your Privacy with a Free VPN Absurd Humor Absurdism Actor Playing Himself Actor Playing Multiple Roles Actress Playing Multiple Roles Audience Participation Bar Beautiful Woman Beer Broadcasting Celebrity Celebrity Impersonation Children Christmas Comedian Comedienne Comedy Team Comedy Troupe Comic Commercial Crazy Humor Cross Dressing Crude Humor Cult Comedy Cult Favorite Cult TV Current Affairs Current Events Dark Humor Dating Day In Title Death Debate Drug Humor Drugs Drunkenness Entertainment Fake Commercial Fake Documentary Fake News Report Family Relationships Famous Opening Theme Father Son Relationship Friendship Gay Government Gross Out Comedy Guest Hip Hop Hollywood Humor Husband Wife Relationship Impersonation Interview Irreverence Joke Journalism Journalist Late Night Live Audience Live Broadcast Live Comedy Live Performance Male Female Relationship Marijuana Marriage Mock Documentary Monologue Music Video Musical Number Musician New York City News Satire One Liner Oral Sex Parody Part Animated Performance Physical Comedy Political Political Satire Politically Incorrect Politics Pop Culture Pot Puppet Rap Recurring Character Redneck Rock Music Running Gag Satire Saturday Night Live Sex Sexual Humor Sexual Joke Show Business Singer Singing Sketch Comedy Slapstick Slapstick Comedy Social Satire Song Spoof Stand Up Comedian Stand Up Comedy Stereotype Stupidity Surrealism Television Television News Title Spoken By Character Topical Humor TV Show US President Variety Violence Weed As a lifelong SNL fan, I see the same thing happen over & over. My granny used to say "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything." A thoughtful critique is cool, but all the Debbie Downers, big old buzz kill. It's a weekend tradition that'll assuredly be around for rest of my life! You know a television show has hit it big when it's current season is number 35, it has a cult following, and when you think of it, you no longer think of it as a television show.

A new generation emerges and all people do is complain about how they aren't as good as the veterans that left. I hope you all just find SOMETHING to enjoy, and quit raining on all the parades. OK, I just saw the Josh Hutcherson ep with the Your Love/Jesse's girl skit. Unfortunately 90 percent of the rest of the show totally sucked. Besides, is there any show on TV that makes you laugh? All of these signs apply to "Saturday Night Live" whose constant satire on politics and pop culture in general have kept people tuning in since the 1970's.

Then once the newbies become veterans and leave, the cycle starts all over again. I stand behind my earlier comment This show really isn't as bad as many say it is. Besides starting up the careers of some comedic legends (Dan Ackroyd, Chevy Chase, James Belushi, Bill Murray, just to name a few) Saturday Night Live also seems to be a platform for up and coming musical talent as well. I have problems deciding whether to rate SNL according to what it was or what it is now.

SNL is a great program, Lorne is a genius and people just need to learn to adapt to change. Yeah, it's hard to live up to the late-90s early-00s standard, but where else are you seeing timely sketches on TV? Weekend Update has and will forever be the icing on the show for me. From Simon and Garfunkel having their reunion to The Rolling Stones, this show just seems to be an insult just to label it as a T. In its heyday SNL brought edgy comedy to the mainstream and the whole industry benefited from it.

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