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On the other hand, the Dutch Council of State had ruled that the did not fall within the concept of personal data, and not every document needed to be copied.

Not only did there appear to be a contradiction in Dutch law but the judge found it difficult to square the Dutch Council of State’s approach to personal data and data protection with the approach of the EU’s Article 29 Data Protection Working Party in Opinion 4/2007 (on the concept of personal data).

Questions Referred Appreciating that either party might well appeal the judge’s decision to the Dutch Council of State, the judge was concerned that the Council of State’s rulings about the legal status of the Are the data reproduced in the minute concerning the data subject and which relate to the data subject, personal data within the meaning of Article 2(a) of the Privacy Directive?

However, the Immigration Service turned down the individual’s request.

For whereas prior to July 2009, asylum seekers could request and would be supplied with a copy of the as ‘legal analysis’.

Because the Immigration Service’s refusal constituted a decision, the individual could, and did, appeal.

The appeal was also dealt with by the Immigration Service.

And the Immigration Service held the appeal to be without foundation.

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